Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rainy day blues and a beast

OK, here's a report on the Luckenback Harvest Classic show from last month; SWMBO and myself went to Fredricksburg on Friday and played tourist while most of the tourists weren't there and it was nice without the crowded stores and sidewalks. After spending the night there, we got up to find it was raining. We went to eat to form a game plan just in case and then headed out to Luckenback. There's a large field behind the dance hall for parking and there weren't that many vehicles of the four wheeled variety parked there so that was a clue for things to come. While SWMBO was changing from sandals to sneakers, I trudged across the field to the entrance to see if it was a go or not. Trudged was appropriate as there was straw covering some of the ruts and holes where puddles had formed. Asked one guy the status and he says its still on, vendors and other things had been moved inside the dance hall out of the weather. Went back to the truck to let the other half know and we decided that it was pretty much a wash out. And in case you're wondering, yes I did say truck. SWMBO doesn't ride on MCs and tolerates mine, plus we had plans to do a little more travelling that day, which we did. So, we headed out to our other destination which when we arrived was in progress, but due to the weather wasn't as active as the organizers had wanted. Admittance to this event, a wine and food thing, was $40/head! yeas that's right $4)/head to sample wine, nibble on food and whatever in cold damp conditions, in a small country town. Ugh, that's OK, maybe next year if it's dry. So no pictures were taken I'm afraid as a wet empty event isn't too photogenic but we still had a good time. But there are some pictures of the beast as requested by Harry Larry:


  1. To bad about the weather washing your plans out. The bike looks very nice Tim. The unit construction twins have grown on me over the years. Some day I've got to drag my old pre-unit BSA 650 out and get it going again. I like the green...sets it apart from the red or orange ones.

  2. I wanted this particular color scheme and managed to luck out when I found, bought it and had it shipped. Very clean and low miles, a little over 4k on a 71.

    That burnt orange color I like as well